Is There an OTC Retalin Substitute with Energy like Adderall?

Retalin is a prescribed medicine that is used for treating ADHD. It is a hyperactivity disorder that generates from deficiency in attention; Ritalin performs by regulating the natural level of norepinephrine and dopamine of the brain. It is a part of stimulants that are the medication group of ADHD. In most of the case, the medicine is effectual in promoting ADHD symptoms.

Adderall is an alternative for Ritalin. Due to the side effects of Adderall people are looking for its substitute that can provide the same result as well as energy like the prescribed alternative Adderall but does not come with any harmful side effects. In this article we will talk about those alternatives that are being tagged as the most reliable substitutes for Adderall. These supplements are easily available and can be bought without any issued prescriptions and moreover these pills are also available online that’s means you don’t need to visit any pharmacy and local store.


  • Aniracetam

For enhanced level of effectuality as well as fast outcome Aniracetam is supposed to be one of the most reliable selections. It is just the highly concentrated form of Piracetam. It stimulates Nicotinic Acetylcholine receptors as well as augments the overall advantages of acetylcholine and also promotes multifaceted development of the neural formation. Learning capacity and the memory power is also improved if the pills interact with AMPA receptors. Inspite of all these it also forms strong sense of adroitness as well as increase the mental focus. That’s why it is considered as a superb mood enhancer and energy stimulants that fight against depression and anxiety. In addition to this it is also helpful in firing receptors for 5-HTP as well as dopamine.

  • Addtabz:

This pill is formed and crafted as a substitute for Adderall. As per the statement of few reviews this pill is effective in stimulating energy level, attention, focus, concentration as well as productivity. Devoid of any stress, frustration it aids to maintain the work pressure. Most of the components that are integrated into the pills are herbs and natural stimulants. It is also consisted of few prime Nootropic substances such as Choline that works as an antecedent to the prime neurotransmitter Acetylcholine as well as aids in improving learning capability, memory power as well as few other cognitive acts.

  • Noopept:

Noopept is in fact a neuropeptide similar to Piracetam, in case of formation; at moreover it remains in concentrated levels. And the effect is akin to Adderral, it provides the users enhanced memory power, improve concentration level and also support the neural tissue. It also stimulates Nerve growth Factor, the pills aids to preserve as well as support the integrity of the brain’s cells. With age the brain cells start to deform. Damaged cells and deformed cells are the prime cause of Parkinson disease and Alzheirmer. These pills can work in the betterment of the condition of the patient from any further decay. Even the mental condition can be improved as well through the help of this medication.

A Look At The Over The Counter Ritalin Substitutes With Energy Like Adderall

Stress factor is very much attached with our day to day life. The fast pace life drives us very much towards our goal but we have to pay a huge amount for that. Due to fast pace life we can’t give proper attention towards our health. Only work and no play make jack a dull boy. This popular proverb has transformed into various health problems like hyper anxiety, nervousness, Sleep disorder, Insomnia. Attention deficit hyper activity disorder (ADHD) is a common disease among a large section of people. Ritalin is a stimulant which is used to treat a number of conditions and mostly Attention Deficit Hyper activity and narcolepsy.

Brief intro of Ritalin:

Ritalin is one of the most popular medicines which is used in serious concentration build up purpose or in attention, focus, and productivity problems. With the use of it you can get an effective and appropriate solution from health disorders. The generic name of this element is Methylphenidate. It is sold under different types of brand names.

What is OTC Drug:


Generally, medicines or drugs are two types. One is doctor prescribed medicines and the other is OTC or over the counter drugs. These drugs are that kind of medicines which you can buy without a prior doctor’s recommendation. Consumers can buy them directly without a prescription from a health care professional as compared to prescription drugs which may be sold only to consumer possessing a valid prescription from a certified doctor.

Ritalin substitutes:

Addtabz: This is a popular OTC supplement which makes use of many nootropic and stimulant ingredients in order to help us to gain focus, metal clarity, energy, concentration in order to gain efficient and productive results. This supplement provides people with milder and effective outcomes. In addition, Addtabz is known to be a safer alternative.

Yohimbe: This product is known to be originated from Africa. It comes with energy improvement effects, and also strengthens thermogenic effects in the body. This product is also full of diet enhancing and other ingredients. However, you need to make sure that high dosages of the supplement will decrease the positive results in the human body.

Herbal Remedies as substitutes of Ritalin:

Nature based elements have no side effects in our body. Here we are giving a list of herbal elements which will help you to get relief from ADHD instead of Ritalin.

  • Herbal Teas
  • Brahmi
  • Green Oats
  • Coffee
  • Pine bark.

These elements are immensely beneficial upon our health. Green tea has antioxidant which helps to enhance the relaxation of our body. Brahmi is also known as water hyssop. Green oats and caffeine are also very good for this purpose. It has been used from a long period of time. Studies on human have shown positive result. Now a day the herb is often recommended as an alternative for ADHD.

Now that you have gained all the necessary information about the Ritalin supplements, make sure to purchase them from known retailers.

Is There a Diet Pill Similar to Adderall as an OTC Equivalent for Weight Loss?

How to stay fit and healthy is perhaps one of the most widely discussed topics in the world of internet. In today’s lifestyle which is quite busy and surrounded by fast foods or processed foods, it can get really difficult to stay in shape and lead an absolutely healthy life. When people put on too much of weight, a lot of health issues start cropping up. Diabetes, back pain, and other issues are some of them. For this reason, it is quite essential to find ways to lose the extra amount of fat from your body. But, the question is- how to achieve the goal in a safe and healthy way? If you browse through the websites that provide information on weight loss, most of them would recommend you weight loss pills. However, not all of them are actually safe. Adderall is also among the many weight loss options you would come across. Though it is quite effective in taking away the unnecessary fat from your body, but it cannot be purchased without a valid prescription.

Yes, you need to show a prescription in order to purchase the drug from the counter, and the reason behind it is that Adderall is addictive in nature. So, if you take this supplement on regular basis, for a long time, you may get addicted to it. Fortunately, there are other alternatives available as well, which work in the same way as the Adderall. However, they are safe and you will not get addicted to them in any case. Through this article, we will let you know about such supplements that can work as weight loss pills. These supplements can be bought over the counter, and is perfectly suitable for all.

Why Adderall is Not Safe?

Before we let you know about the alternatives or diet pills that are similar to adderall in regard to weight loss, let us help you understand in a better way, why this drug is not so safe. Adderall contains one vital ingredient, which is- dextromphetamine; and, when this component is accompanied with amphetamine then it can be quite effective in dealing with lack of concentration and even disorders like ADHD. In addition, the intake of this drug also lowers down the metabolism rate, which means that you would not feel hungry more often. And, when you feel loss of appetite then it would certainly lead to weight loss. However, sometimes the loss of appetite can be in too much amount, which may lead to severe weight loss. And, starving for long time is definitely unhealthy. For this reason, taking Adderall without consulting the doctor can be quite dangerous, especially for kids. Hence, you need to check out some other options in this case.

Options You Can Consider

When it comes to find an alternative for Adderall, a lot of people rely on Addrena. It is one of the most reliable weight loss supplements you can come across, and you can purchase it without showing a prescription. The drug offers the same effect or result, without causing any sort of side effect. Being mild in nature or you can say, less powerful then other similar drugs like Vyvance, Concerta, and Ritalin, this supplement has been more successful than anyone in the market. Apart from being a diet pill, Addrena is also useful in improving memory power and enhancing concentration. As a matter of fact, the supplement Addrena contains mainly herbal ingredients, which makes it quite safe for the human body.

Unlike Adderall which suppresses our appetite, the supplement Addrena works in a complete different way. It basically increases our body heat, through the process of Thermogenesis. It is a process during which the body heat of a person increases to an extent where the body starts losing fat in a natural way. So, there is no harm associated with the working of Addrena. A lot of people consume this supplement without a valid prescription, as it helps reduce fat through the method of thermogenic fat reduction. The herbal stimulants we were talking about are- Synephrine and Octapamine. These two herbal components present in Addrena are the main reasons that lead to the increase in body temperature, which in turn helps in cutting down the excess amount of fat from the body. As a matter of fact, Addrena also encompass another thermogenic component, which is- thermogenic yohimbe. And, when this component is accompanied with other ingredients then the speed of fat loss would increase dramatically.

Apart from increasing the temperature of the body, Addrena is also capable of preventing us from eating in an impulsive way. You may be thinking that Adderall also performs the same function, but there is a slight dissimilarity between the two concepts. While Adderall works in a very strong way when it comes to suppress our appetite, Addrena is quite milder in this case. Adderall actually kills our hunger, which is definitely not good in the long run. On the other hand, Addrena prevents us from eating unnecessarily. So, there is a big difference between the two concepts. And, this is the reason why Addrena is more successful than most of the similar drugs in the market.

Apart from Addrena as an alternative for Adderall for weight loss, you can also go for other options that work in more or less the same way. However, they might not be as safe as Addrena, and you must consult a doctor before taking such supplements. Below are the name of other such pills that can help you reduce weight by cutting down the excess amount of fat from your body:

  • Mithylphenidate
  • Amphetamine
  • Dextroamphetamine
  • Piracetam

So, those were some of the alternatives that we would like to suggest as an option for Adderall. In any case, the important aspect is to understand the methodology behind the drug. You need to know how the drug works actually, and it is safe in the long run.